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Why I believe in boudoir, and why you should too!

So it's like pornography right? No.

It is emotional, not sexual.

This type of photography can bring confidence and healing. I have had women come for a shoot through intense illness or through rough divorces. Session after session I meet women who are trying to feel good about themselves while adjusting to the changes to their body after having a baby. I know of other photographers that have helped women after mastectomies and hysterectomies fall back in friendship with their bodies. We help women feel like women. 

That in itself means different things to different ladies, but we are there to help them find it.

It is a treasure, not a cheap thrill.

Yes, some women share their photos with their partner. But, unlike porn these are a gift that someone will treasure. A gift that is an act of vulnerability and confidence all at the same time. These are not disposable, they are timeless and of love. Loving each other and loving themselves in their own skin.

And lastly,

There is love in what I do. I love watching women come in nervous and leave feeling like they can conquer the world. There is love in what these women see in themselves after the shoot. There is love when a partner might receive these photos as a gift. That partner doesn't just see an ass that won't quit. They see a great ass AND the lady they love. Pornography is about lust at best.

So take a look through my gallery and think about what you see. Do you see something that is overly sensual, unrealistic and based on instant gratification? I sure don't. I see beautiful women that are finding love for their strong beautiful bodies. I see girl's who are brave and smile a lot. I do not see an object, I see a PERSON and that is why I am not a pornographer.


- Clair. 

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